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Retired carpet cleaner, Specialized in commercial work. Football fields, banks, hotels, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton. I loved large jobs. Nothing like 500/1000 rooms of carpet drapes and upholstery. Not much I haven't cleaned or restored. Have a problem, Give me a shout.
hi i am looking to by the everst 650 its 2016 with 167 hours on it not shure its good units lots of diferents opinion out there.the guys wants 16,000,00 for it thanks for any info
done with the biz. Good luck rug suckers, may your employees fudge you over the way you fudgeed them over
Please suggest a good truckmount, under $15,000, that will allow me to clean carpets, clean tile and allow me to do some water mitigation pump outs.
Hi scott looking to get a sump pump to drain the water from rug pit can you help please my rug pit not very deep 5 cm deep Thank You
Scott W
Scott W
Hi Chris, we have some sump pumps for sale, but for rather shallow rug pits, your best deal is probably going to be at Home Depot or Lowe's. Should be able to get a good one for around $150 - $175. Get one the can draw water down to the last fraction of an inch and has a screen or other protection so trash does not get sucked in.
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Scott W
Scott W
Here is the link for the rug pit tiles -

If you attend one of the Hands-On Rug washing classes that Doug Heiferman and I do, we sell the tiles that have been sued for 3 days of class fro about 15% off new price.
Chris kato
Thank You unfortunately I live in London / UK and there is no home depot here
Please help. My Performer 405 loses suction for about 30 minutes and then it slowly comes back. It has happened now about 3 times, but only on larger jobs of 4-5 rooms or more. It will be going fine, and then over the span of about 1 minute, the suction goes from full to almost nothing. I empty the tank, check the seals, clean the inline filter, and no change. Each time, I've had to wait about 30 minutes for it.
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