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Please help. My Performer 405 loses suction for about 30 minutes and then it slowly comes back. It has happened now about 3 times, but only on larger jobs of 4-5 rooms or more. It will be going fine, and then over the span of about 1 minute, the suction goes from full to almost nothing. I empty the tank, check the seals, clean the inline filter, and no change. Each time, I've had to wait about 30 minutes for it.
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Hey Fedri, do you still have your air hog booster for sale?
Hi, no I don't have it any more, that was the very old style with dual 3 stage vacs in parallel and I was not be able to sell it, I have taken the parts apart and used them with my other extractors.
Hi friends,I’m about to invest in new equipment,what you guys recommend?please help to many options on the market
Just posted on green cleaning, and safe Chems...Using a chem with a health class rating o, or, a 1. OSHA approved...Be safe people!...When you get a customer with breathing issues, your problem, will just begin....We use earth one(chemspec)..From the truck mount, and Saigers free and clear, (pre spray)...And a MSDS sheet to prove it..It's not worth it..Turn up ur heat, and work slower.. both of these, will work..
mike riley
We've used all the high pH, stuff, for years..Cleans instantly!.So cool!, But dangerous)..Restaurants, .Hotels, clinics, homes.our pre spray, with a pH, of 13!......With a health class rating, of 3.)..Remember!.Those people will breathing the stuff, for a while.....Every year!..Review your MSDS sheet. Use only safe Chems.,.With a health class rating of O to one...!.
mike riley
If, you are a new carpet cleaner, go green now...Save yourself..Review the MSDS sheet..Iicrc, certification, is good, but Iicrc, doesn't talk much about chem safety..,..Still, lots of Chems, (from the chem manufacture chem companies out there that are highly questionable).....I have six, Iicrc certification certs..Including water damage).....Those wdr products, are in question also....Be careful.....
Can't find an affordable website builder anywhere these days.
You got any picture of it you can post?
I have a Hydro-Force Revolution injection sprayer I will sell to you for $160.00???
$39,000.00 or Best Offer
2018 trailer mounted system with recovery tanks
Model: Steamaction Stealth Fighter
Kubota 50hp Gasoline Engine
5006 Water Cooled Blower
3000 psi General Emperor Pump
Tom @ 215-872-6929
This complete package costs over $60,000.00 new. The equipment has 25 hours on it and appears to be in perfect
Is this still available and are you willing to trade for anything???
Haven't been on here for awhile.
You miss your daddy...
Jeff about rug smack wen you use your truckmount what temp did you use and also did you just water rince thanks.
as hot as I could and water rinse
In your opinion what is the best hardwood floor cleaning unit? I am looking at adding this service.
If your Rug is out of wack, Smack your rug, with Rug Smack.
Master Certified Expert George Grijalva is an ABC / NBC TV carpet cleaning celebrity. TV shows are available to watch on YouTube channel: George Grijalva. Radio Expert on carpet stains and do it yourself. National spokes person and seminar trainer. President of George created a powerful DVD series. Retired President of Checkmate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning for over 20 years.
just head up here and still can't figure out how to change my avatar :D
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