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Hi, my name is Doug and worked for masterblend for 23 years as the service manager. There isn't much on the diablo or the truckforce or masterforce that I haven't seen or repaired. I am happy to help. I am also handy with steam genies, the few that are left.
have a 91 butler truck mount system and trying to pull vac blower completley out but having trouble with the pipe that hooks to bottom of blower that comes through the floor of my van can not get it disconnected from blower itself. Any suggestions would be a great help thanks ahead of time. please advise
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dont know about prices in your area...
But I do 4-5 hotels a year...

I use TM and portable booster...or
2 portable boosters... works great for high rise hotels

i have a few videos if you need to see the setup......

I sell these boosters on my website...

Send me your cell# and I can text you the videos of the setup...

cell# 512/868-9008
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if you need some more info. on this TM
you can call or text me

i do not have the ZX motors in stock but they are out.
they are set in series as is the Mytee...
which is great for a stand alone portable..!!!!!

However I like the CFX as a parralel

i have a video I will post if I can ficure out how to post it...

if you will send your cell I will send the video....

For all of you that are worried about getting MasterBlend parts for your truckmounts, please call me at Aramsco. We have MasterBlend parts in the system and stock from distributors we have acquired. I was the Purchasing Manager at MasterBlend for 15 years and have a wealth of information in my head and at my finger tips. I can also provide you with substitutes for the MasterBlend products that you loved.
It is my understanding that there are some guys that are panicking-- don't panic! Call me at Aramsco and I can help. Rob from TMF, Tony Maison and Mike from %!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**! all know me. Please message me and I can help your Interlink rep to find what you need or I can be your salesperson and find you what you need.

i would suggest a booster.......

either the mytee air hog....

or the rotovac cfx-5.....thats what I use for my TM booster.....

it will more than double your cfm........

I carry both if need more info.....
Tim yeater is ony 3 hours from Ed and seen the Jaguar at his shop in Milan in and out before this self proclaimed engineer bought it and a Cub. Hard for me to feel much pity for him. Wouldn't listen to any advice from me or others when he bought the c/A products.
I hate that your loving this but I seen this whole scenario coming for sometime.
How about telling these Jokers the truth that I haven't pushed the Jaguar for years . That I always mention the exhaust booster and Ed has never acknowledged it.