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Tim yeater is ony 3 hours from Ed and seen the Jaguar at his shop in Milan in and out before this self proclaimed engineer bought it and a Cub. Hard for me to feel much pity for him. Wouldn't listen to any advice from me or others when he bought the c/A products.
I hate that your loving this but I seen this whole scenario coming for sometime.
How about telling these Jokers the truth that I haven't pushed the Jaguar for years . That I always mention the exhaust booster and Ed has never acknowledged it.

What is your equipment - ETM mytee...???

Just looked at Mytee's pump setup on their website....
looks like they have a bypass for that pump that keeps water flowing back into the tank.

What are you using for heat????

Also are you running cold water or hot water into your ETM pump??

Man I am sincerely sorry about all the replies I have made to you over several mths. I feel like a idiot. I was convinced after talking to Ed on the phone you simply have it out for him. You’ve proven to be the correct one. I don’t mind being the underdog and fighting back but clearly in this war I was on the wrong side.
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Hi , thanks for the message , like i said no need to apologize . I dont get offended by these discussions , you have to experience issues with a machine before you make conclusions , so you would not have know earlier on .
Appreciated. It’s just all so unbelievable the machine is so poorly built
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BRO questions on your mytee air vac booster

did you get the new LX motors??????
also have you had a problem with vacuums filling with overflow water???

just ordered the mytee vac booster but I believe it is the older model
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how do you like your cfx....
i am looking to get a booster for high rises....
need a vac portable with pumpout that works and wont pop circuits!!!!!

called rotovac and they said it wudnt pop circuits but wanted
an op0inion with someone in the field.
I have a prochem truck mount im hoping someone can give me some history on I cant really find much on this particular machine its a prochem trailblazer and has a briggs and Stratton 16 hp vanguard the closest one ive found has a Nissan water cooled motor I was wondering if mine came with the briggs motor or it was a Nissan that was replaced? any idea where I can find a manual?