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BRO questions on your mytee air vac booster

did you get the new LX motors??????
also have you had a problem with vacuums filling with overflow water???

just ordered the mytee vac booster but I believe it is the older model
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how do you like your cfx....
i am looking to get a booster for high rises....
need a vac portable with pumpout that works and wont pop circuits!!!!!

called rotovac and they said it wudnt pop circuits but wanted
an op0inion with someone in the field.
I have a prochem truck mount im hoping someone can give me some history on I cant really find much on this particular machine its a prochem trailblazer and has a briggs and Stratton 16 hp vanguard the closest one ive found has a Nissan water cooled motor I was wondering if mine came with the briggs motor or it was a Nissan that was replaced? any idea where I can find a manual?
i have a new line of truckmounts....with 1-2 ready to go......
or can custom make any of these
they do run on kerosene heat....if your interested
Reasonably priced fully supported as i have been using these for 15 years with recent upgrades....

marcus/central texas/austin area
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The Magician
The Magician
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Hi! So I had a carpet cleaning co. come and clean my ducts, area rug and travertine floors (kitchen only). I usually do it but my hubby said "try it". Anyway, they applied Viper Venom (mentioned by an employee) from a sprayer. They started cleaning the tile where they last sprayed. After it was all said and done, the floor was sticky and I have spots and light scratches. NEED HELP PLEASE.
Brian Lerond
Hi Kzoogirl! Travertine is a very soft stone, and has to be cleaned carefully. Viper Venom is probably too aggressive for this floor. The good news is that it probably wouldn't be that hard to polish it down. I don't do that, but should be lots of pros around who can. (and you shouldn't be the one paying for it!)
Are you nearby in W Michigan?
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