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Hi Todd, I used to be a slow but regular poster on this forum. I sold my business and have some equipment I would like to sell. I registered and wonder if I could post some of the equipment I have for sale?


Juan Rodriguez
Todd the Cleaner
Todd the Cleaner
Sure, go ahead and make a thread and post what you are selling.
I also noticed you have specials listed on your website. Did you decide in favor of this as compare to a new customer free room or floor special/demo/tryout? Your way one is not losing money. I wonder if it still gets people to call you and schedule work? I mean, it's an obvious test the waters situation with a customer, and for you its a potential add on sale kind of situation.
I'm a work in progress. My website is handled by someone else. Some of my projects and thoughts aren't ready for public view. I get more work from referrals and facebook than anything else. But I'm an old guy living in the country so the way I do it might not translate as well in heavy population density.
I love demos and hate to sell on the phone.