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Robert Allen

Zipper vs Bonzer vs Mytee (Zip?) Which is better? I just had another training class and everyone agreed the Zipper is a 1st class, well built tool. It reeks of quality components and craftsmanship. I know some have bought the Bonzer and Nick, Chuck Monson and Cliff Monson of Rotovac said they are sending us one to compare. They have taken the input they received and have reportedly incorporated them into the new version available now. I know Stephen Lillard has bought a Bonzer and so far really likes it. I saw Steve at the trade show and I presume has used both. It will be interesting to see how this develops. I know some are upset because they feel it was copied. That is between the two companies. But remmeber in this industry there are and have been literally 100's of things that have been copied to one extent or another. I don't have a BONZER at our shop and a trainee (Chris) just bought the Zipper. Would have been nice to have a comparison for the trainee's. On the other hand you have a fiercely loyal following for Erik Hiltz and his Zipper. And why not? he is a cleaner like most of us and he built a crazy high quality tool. He is a very likable and hardworking person. He has a great following but so does Rotovac and Mytee. John, the Munsons and Erik all are respected by most in the industry. Its a very competitive market and most have no idea how much so behind the scenes. Its a shame but it is what it is. Even Mytee is reportedly coming out with a Zipper like tool and should be available at ICE. No one in this industry has copied more things than Mytee with Joe Bristor running a close 2nd. From cuffs to rotaries to spinners to OP machines and a multitude of other items. Does that make them bad? No, but it does upset some. We don't know the name as of yet because Mytee is good about keeping things like this secret. And I admit, I have copied a few things myself to a degree. It seems to be the nature of our industry. Time will tell if it is good or bad or whether rights have been overstepped. In the meantime, I hope to get a Bonzer and run it soon. Is it better than a Zipper? Maybe, maybe not. I have found the only way to tell what is best whether its tool, a chemical or machine, is to test them side by side on several occasions, with varying soil levels and different types of carpets. Time will tell whats best and hopefully I can report back soon. One thing is for sure, like the election coming up soon, all this will be very interesting!!

Randy Marrow

Hard to beat the zipper but one thing you can say about Rotovac they seem to always make adjustments for the better

Stephen Lillard

Yes I have used both The zipper is a well built piece of equipment Quality second to none The Bonzer is just easier on me

Damon Rydell

Sometimes I feel like i'm living in a soap opera. Never a boring moment.

Chris Oster

Hey Robert send me a used one and I'll tell you how would I think about it LOL

Chris Oster

I want to know if any of you ever had to use your change to buy soap

Luiz Vianna Jr.

No question asked ZipperSS all the way that thing is tank


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Sep 28, 2011
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Since I own both the CX15 and the Bonzer I really would like to see just what the Zipper SS would do in a side by side empirical test on the same trashed job. The first time I saw the SX15 I said good grief a flashback almost ten years ago when one of the customers who bought my Turbo hybrid called to tell us how he cleaned a blockbuster video store's grimy sidewalk and was asked by the manager to try it on the equally trashed carpet by the check out desk. He reluctantly did it but got POWerful results. I should have thought of designing a modified version of the turbo for commercial carpet then.

My final opinion is that the CX15 would be dangerous on any cut pile carpet even with the residential spraybar. The heat, pressure and travel speed will pressure bloom the yarn in the hands of a newbie that doesn't understand he can own a cut pile carpet in a New York Second if he doesn't understand the dangerous variables with this tool. Besides the CX doesn't clean to the edge of the tool housing, missing more than an inch so you've got to trim out every room with an edging tool. The Bonzer cleans dead to the wall.

clean slate

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Apr 15, 2011
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Yes I to am going back and forth between the zipper and bronzer . Both have the same design but it seems the zipper is built more rugged ?