Your opinion please on carpet cleaning procedure....


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Nov 18, 2012
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Recently, due to equipment failure, I hired another carpet cleaner to finish an empty rental (30 year old carpet, loose, some bad seams but doable) Man was referred to me, had good professional appearance, good personality, and great, well known truckmount. Same brand as mine but a step up. Here's what I have issue with- He did prespray well with a truck mounted sprayer (wouldn't tell me what he was using, was very secretive which I thought and told him was unusual as we should view each other as colleagues not competitors. Oh well, he's young and relatively inexperienced so no big deal) and he followed with what I thought was a too fast clear rinse only with no dry passes. (In 25+ years I've only had a couple of loose carpets temporarily buckle after cleaning, maybe because I DO make a couple of dry passes) And he used his wand on the stairs, leaving the front edge of the steps looking passable but not near as well as they could have been. He quoted me low when I first called him, so I got what I paid for.

Am I over-thinking this? I pride myself on treating each job as if I owned the place, no matter how horrible the situation. And yes, this carpet should have been replaced years ago as it is in a nice house in a nice area. I would have quoted higher and done a better job. I would have treated the situation as an audition for future work. He did three rooms, stairs and hall, all ground floor, in about 40 minutes from arriving to wrap-up.

Again, I got what I paid for. But with a great truckmount, professional appearance and attitude, I just expected more, and see no great advantage to use him again other than I know what to expect. Any opinions greatly appeciated. Thanks.