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Jun 1, 2020
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Majed El-Benni
Hey All!

I own a carpet cleaning company down under. Been in the game for 2 years, I'm 19 now so no one attack me still learning haha.

Glad to have finally signed up for this forum, I usually snoop around and find answers for it when I'm in trouble however this time I'm stuck.

I currently run a Boxxer 421 with a basic 2 jetter wand I know probably not a very smart idea. I'm looking to upgrade my wand however all suppliers down here seem to carry very basic or crappy wands. The main supplier choices are an EVO which I currently have however don't run it. It clogs, jumps, not very good with going under furniture, etc. Then they have the Sapphire Scientific Titanium 4 Jetter Wand which is probably the best one, Hydroforce 5 jetter stainless steel and the Prochem.

Retail Prices for them are:
Evo: 1200
SS Wand: 1800 (Glide is extra so will run me about 2000)
Hydroforce: 1500 (Glide is extra)
Prochem: $3300

These prices are in AUD. I'm looking at stores that supply wands in the US and the best one that I have come across is from WANDERSPRODUCTS. Who offers the 'Dang Pro V4'. I know that this is a replica to the Tony Dang and Devastator wand however Devastator doesn't ship to Australia and I can't seem to find a Tony Dang supplier. I have spoken to Joe and haven't had any problems the thing is I have heard some nasty and some great things about him. I don't want to be in a loss of about $1750 AUD. The sapphire scientific seems like a great wand however lacks a lot of modern features such as a Sight Window & Swivel Head.

Does anyone have any input on what direction I should take? Should I go with my local supplier and get the SS, go with Joe or maybe you guys would know a good vendor in the US?


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May 15, 2016
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Swivels are over rated
Mytee Bentley swivel is a great wand should be able to find one local
I have a mytee the swivel is shit, mine is fixed
But the glide can’t be beaten on all surfaces

Next pick would be a PMF Mach 12 titanium

Then Westpac
Steambrite will sell direct
Wait a few weeks the Au dollar is bouncing back nicely!!
If you like I’ll send you my suppliers number
He had a nice 2in westpak 4jet wand in stock
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