Yoast SEO Plugin Issue

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Feb 11, 2006
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Check yuor site if using Yoast‎

Figured everyone here is probably aware of the Yoast plugin update issue that changed the default settings? I keep talking with people that had no idea so I thought I would post this just to make sure.
Here is the issue and how to fix it:
This was a pretty huge mistake Yoast made which enabled some settings that are by default normally switched off so ... if you upgraded the plugin your settings have been changed.
The changed setting turns media attachments into their own pages. This creates a page on your site for every single piece of media you have on it ... so basically it created a ton of thin content on your site. Look at GWT and you will see a huge influx of pages being indexed that were not there before if this happened to you. If you updated the plugin again after Yoast fixed the issue and google had not visited your site yet you may not have noticed any issues.
To fix this in WP navigate to SEO > Search Appearance > Media and change the “Redirect attachment URLs to the attachment itself?” option back to yes. Yoast’s recommendation to fix this is updating the plugin and your sitemap.
One last important thing to note is that people have been reporting that the Yoast update caused a change in their url structure resulting in a ton of 404 error pages and obviously a mess to clean up for their SEO. We did not experience this on any of our Wordpress sites but have had enough reports now to say that this is a real issue you should look at when reviewing your website after the update.