Xactimate Estimates

Jul 18, 2019
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Bradford Hall

I am a new member but have read these forums for a while before registering.

I was wondering if anyone else writes Xactimate estimates for other companies and what they charge? I currently write for several companies and charge a % for writing and negotiating with the adjuster, but I'm not exactly sure what my competitors are charging or if they do any of the negotiating. I know a local training center writes estimates, but that's all they do. Anyone can write a big invoice, it's another thing to collect it. I just wanted some input. I've got 14 years experience in fire, water, mold, and asbestos and have heard for years from adjusters my invoices are more than anyone else, but they pay them. I just did one for a contractor where he submitted the invoice and Farmers knocked him down to $1,700 and I re-wrote his estimate and negotiated it to $4.700 on a 1 room sewage loss (8x6) for strictly the EMS - not including the repairs and that's after removing the contractors inventory (That gets invoiced to the adjuster direct, Farmers has a specialized mitigation department) and removing a made-up plumbing charge fo $500. I guess what I want to know is what the range is or what someone is willing to pay, as I think I should be on the higher side of the range. Also, another consideration is I do the sketch and scope as I don't like to leave any money on the table, but in doing so its more time involved.

Thanks for your time in advance.