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Worx Sprayer Review

Cameron RDS

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Jun 2, 2015
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Cameron Duty
I've had my Worx sprayer for two weeks now and here is what I think in a pro controller format.
Pros: - two different pressure setting with the high setting really putting out pressure. I prefer the low setting.
-can set the 15 foot hose in a 5 gallons jug in the middle of a room and spray the whole room without moving jug
- bridges gap between hydroforce and backpack sprayer. Never like the hydroforce myself and the back pack was so slow. This fills in the blank of what is needed. The accurate mixture of a backpack with the speed in a sprayer.
- spray tip comes with different angles of spray. I prefer the largest area of spray.

Cons: - battery only last about 15-20 gallons or about 3 full jobs and maybe 4 if you have some small ones. I always go about a gallon per room so say 15-20 rooms
- if you use a powder with peroxide in it, you have to remove the mesh filter in the hose. The peroxide will attack the filter thus starving the sprayer from liquid.

Tips: it takes a minute to prime the sprayer which can eat precious battery life. If you hold the trigger down a few seconds then let it sit a min, the water seems to Venturi effect itself to the sprayer.
Hope this helps
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