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Randy Dockins
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Nov 12, 2008
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Organic spots on what I believe to be a wool/nylon blend. High end condo downtown. Pattern that fades in and out depending on how the fiber lays. Definitely not polyester.

Assuming it has some wool in it, what's the best chemical to remove organic stains?
I've never personally seen a wool/nylon blend. I have seen some wool/viscose blend in rugs, never in carpet. You didn't specify if it was an area rug or carpet. I would be doing some diligent burn testing on that before I touched it. If it's a single color I seriously doubt it is a blend and should be fairly easy to identify. If it is multiple colors it could be a blend, but I'm doubtful if it's what you think, but I don't know every single thing that's out there. If I'm really concerned there may be a color loss issue from an oxidizer I may try a good general purpose stain remover on one spot and see if that is all I need. You really need to have a good idea what this is before you clean it. Pictures of this might get you better help because I have to see it and ask questions sometimes to get the best idea what to do. For example, it could be a real browning issue that an anti-browning treatment or even an acid rinse will knock right out w/o a problem. Browning is a ph caused problem and ONLY restoring the ph can correct it. There is no plan B with it.

I'm not putting an oxidizer on it unless I'm pretty sure it's a last resort and only with the customer being warned it has the potential for color loss. Not all stains can be removed and that is especially true of natural fibers. Some customers think you have some magic bullet that removes all stains no matter what and that simply isn't true, period, end of story. I'm sure you must have a general spotter on your truck or at least you most certainly should. Sometimes they're just the ticket. If you find this really is a blended fiber that are perhaps wool dilute your oxidizer or use a wool safe one and don't give it excessive dwell time. I'd do some burn testing and takes some pics if you're really concerned about this.

John Rockwood

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Oct 18, 2012
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Wool will tend to give the appearance of pile reversal (more dramatic than you get with polyester). What makes you think it's a blend?
Nylon should not be a concern as to how you address the stains.
Being that you think it's Wool (either blend or 100%) you just need to remember to use an acidic rinse to get the PH back down if you get aggressive. I would start by running the wand over the spots then use a quality Protein Stain spotter on any areas that remain followed by a low PH rinse.
I've found that if you clean first then apply spotters to wool it less of a shock to the PH than applying the spotter first when the carpet is dry.

You could use air movers over the spots to reduce the risk of Browning if this is a concern. You should be ok.