Winterizing your truck mount

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Jan 12, 2018
Real Name
Jessica Lewis
Is there any advice for winterizing the white magic 1200?
I have followed the step by step instructions in the manual and it won't pull a full gallon in. What am I doing wrong? Does any one have any videos or step by step instructions or pictures to show what the correct method is?

Thank you!!


Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2014
Real Name
Bjorn Marshall
since this isnt an RV and you wont be cooking or drinking with the water, if you have an on board water tank I would dump 3-4 gallons ($8/gallon) in your tank and just prime your pump with it... run a male QD on the end of your solution line until you have some anti freeze coming out.

RV anti freeze is better to use than auto parts store stuff since its made to rinse out of lines/holding tanks better than automotive stuff

if your trying to pull in through your chem injection then its going to be too diluted and you might risk a freeze