FB Why would a polyester sectional be labeled with the S code? (dry clean only). Is the manufacturer


Matthew Dockter

Why would a polyester sectional be labeled with the S code? (dry clean only). Is the manufacturer just covering their butts? I normally would just go with RSF but the homeowner was questioning me on the phone because it's a $5,000 sectional! Thoughts?

Dave Yoakum

Because tags dont mean a thing. You never know from which stack the stone millennial will grab. They are wrong as often as they are right. Only a newbie would even bother looking at a tag.

Paul Schmadeke

I never even look at tags, I clean furniture with a furniture tool that shears, I try it out on inconspicuous area. Dry with an Air mover For years Ethan Allen tagged everything with an S

Scott PA Rovang

Greg Allen, why do you use a torch for a burn test. Seems much too hot to get a good test. Doesn't it burn too quick? Ive used a bic lighter for years and for training too. Was able to differentiate fabrics easily.

Cary R Woodfield

Furniture labels do not tell you what the fabric is, it tells you want is in the inside. Manufacturers use "S" code tags to reduce their liability. I've seen S tags on fabric that if cleaned with solvent would eat the very cheap coating applied to the back of the fabric causing the fabric to fall a part.

Dave Yoakum


Scott Gwilliam

Jim pemberton Has a great article about feathers and cushions. They treat the ticking (which is the cloth surrounding the feathers under the upholstered fabric.) With a flame retardant which will off gas when it gets wet and cause the fabric to turn pink or red. This is NOT to protect the manufacture it is to protect your ass! Do your research or you will buy it if you get it wet. Yes you can occasionally clean these and speed dry them but the manufacture is definitely warning you

Bob Pfeiffer

You can do a test in an inconspicuous area with your prespray and check the results. Offer to to do a free inspection and test. That way you can see the soil load and meet the client and see how much of a hassle she might be. Bid high and overkill it. Take your time and speed dry it with air movers. That seems like a lot of money nowadays for a sectional, but you would be surprised what manufacturers are selling at that price point.


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The only reason is because it really technically will be cleaned better.
Solvent cleaning cleans oil loving fibers better than water cleaning. Not to say that you cannot achieve good results with water cleaning but technically it is the best way.