Why Most Carpet Cleaning Businesses Fail While Others Succeed?


Nov 27, 2011
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s kamens
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United States
Great article. I disagree with the high dollar investment on lettering your van. I spent just over $1,700.00 on mine and in 6 years got 1 call that said "I saw your van". I think it should look clean and professional but I think that can be done for under $1,000.00. The rest of the info is great advice and if applied would definitely produce great results!

Hey Shawn,

You sound right on there. Its hard for potential customers to see a moving ad and get a number.

Fritz may also be including customer retention. When an existing client sees me come in with a professional wrap, i am leaving a more professional impression. So it may not be so noticeable from new customers, but it is a great revenue stream from the perspective of keeping existing clientele.

All the best.



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Nov 12, 2016
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Boris Johnson
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It’s funny how many customers read my services on the side of my van and say, oh you do tiles or leather/upholstery/hard floors too...
While out and about and people in shopping centre car parks also say hi and ask for my card too mostly at the liquor store haha
Yup, in fact i think my biggest mistake was not wrapping my vans thenfirst year