FB Why is it that the most high paying customers...

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Matthew Lowery

Why is it that the most high paying customers have the cleanest carpets? C'mon everyone...you know why. LOL

Steve Smyth

Because they have respect for the things they have lol

Thomas Berton

Pride in ownership. But some of the wealthy don't like to pay for quality maintenance. Great when they do.

Michael Camacho

In my experience, wealthy clients with nice things have an aversion to hiring just any tattooed kid and they know that hiring a large company with employees is a crap shoot that they'd rather not partake in

Richard Rykbos

They also know that excellence does not come from a 6 rooms for 55.00... =)

Eric Seckel

And why do we Always find loose change in the shitty apts but never in the nice places?? Hmmmm interesting! Lol

Corey Peterson

You need more suction. You need to make it look hard to clean for your clients. A sweaty face is a tip for sure.

Geoffrey Scott Howells

They also do research prior to purchasing crappy carpets. polypropylene makes everyone look bad. - keep up the good work.

Robert Mahon

He didn't say wealthy, he said high paying. There is a big difference.