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FB Why is it that the most high paying customers...

Discussion in 'TMF Facebook Group' started by Matthew Lowery, Apr 17, 2017.


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    Why is it that the most high paying customers have the cleanest carpets? C'mon everyone...you know why. LOL
  2. Steve Smyth Guest

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    Because they have respect for the things they have lol
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    Pride in ownership. But some of the wealthy don't like to pay for quality maintenance. Great when they do.
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    In my experience, wealthy clients with nice things have an aversion to hiring just any tattooed kid and they know that hiring a large company with employees is a crap shoot that they'd rather not partake in
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    I think there paying for the marks lol :)
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    Coodie jobs are the bomb.
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    They also know that excellence does not come from a 6 rooms for 55.00... =)
  8. Eric Seckel Guest

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    And why do we Always find loose change in the shitty apts but never in the nice places?? Hmmmm interesting! Lol
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    You need more suction. You need to make it look hard to clean for your clients. A sweaty face is a tip for sure.
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    They also do research prior to purchasing crappy carpets. polypropylene makes everyone look bad. - keep up the good work.
  11. Robert Mahon Guest

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    He didn't say wealthy, he said high paying. There is a big difference.

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