FB Who uses a Rotovac Bonzer?

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Sep 9, 2009
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Dan Gibart
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United States
Andrew Johnston
Dec 22, 2017
A tech and I did a 3000+ sq ft office building today. The building is a little more than three years old, no worn/traffic areas to even speak of. The Bonzer made short work of it, finished in about half the time it took when we cleaned it 18 months ago. It was dry in no time as well. In this particular case a rotary would have been like shooting a rabbit with a bazooka, and I don't think it would have been any faster. There's a place on my van for multiple tools, and each tool has it's particular purpose. As for the back... well there's a learning curve to every tool. The first couple times using the Bonzer I did feel strain in places that aren't strained by a regular wand. After a couple uses I found the sweet spot and now it's just a piece of cake. I'm also 39 years old, not in the best of shape, have lousy cardio and I felt *far* more strained after cleaning 20 stairs than I did cleaning half carpets in that office building today