Who is the world's greatest Carpet Cleaner?


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Oct 8, 2009
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I was thinking about this thread today. I do believe it would be impossible to truly determine who is the greatest carpet cleaner in the world. First of all, there appears to be no guideline that can be agreed upon as to what we can make our assumption upon.
Second, as stated a few times already in this thread, how would we know truly how well a technician performs if we have never seen them, or their work? All we have to go on is what we see them post on these boards. Although a few votes were for people that were personally known such as Scott Warrington's vote. His vote is about as valid as you can get because of his personal experience with the tech.
Third, not everyone in the world has been considered that works in this industry. For example, the UFC puts a big gold belt on their
champion and calls him the "worlds Ultimate Fighter" and yet, I would believe there are some 70 year old Tai Chi masters in China
that could throw the guy out of the ring without even being touched. (And Tai Chi isn't even a fighting art) When I took martial arts I've seen guys like that and it was incredible to watch. So how can we call him the "ultimate fighter"? or, the "world's greatest"? We cannot truly.

One thing we can determine from this thread is we have learned a little bit about people's different opinions as to what makes a carpet cleaner "great" and that certainly counts for something on an educational basis.

Here is what I've learned from this thread, with a bit of my own personal opinion thrown in:

1. The world's greatest must have a charming personality with his/her customers and co-workers alike. He/she must be likeable.

2. The world's greatest must have a deep knowledge of cleaning chemistry, tools and technique.

3. The world's greatest can still, and will always learn his trade from anyone, including customers and even his own "pupils".

4. The world's greatest has minimal, if any, callbacks.

5. The world's greatest should run at least a 99% customer satisfaction rate.

6. The world's greatest should make a considerable profit and be able to easily charge top rate for his services.

7. The world's greatest is a wiz with fixing and maintaining his own equipment.

8. The world's greatest can, and will always remove stains that other techs could not.

9. The world's greatest is looked up to by other cleaners in his trade as a brilliant source of knowledge.

10. The world's greatest has worked full time for many years in his profession and is still working full time.

Feel free to add to this list.

As for the nominees, just for the fun of it, after a few more days we can tally up the top five "qualifying" nominees and put them in a poll thread for anonymous voting to get the great TMF "greatest carpet cleaner of the year" title.

Maybe Rob will throw in a prize!

Bloody hell... IT'S MEEEEE!!!

rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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May 10, 2018
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I feel im the best i go the extra yard and work really hard to make carpets spot less and very clean. But since i cant vote my self i vote rob allen hes got fantastic forum and very imformative videos. Also seen some of his before and afters great work