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ASA who is going ? next trade show


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Jun 19, 2008
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John Talley
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Would be great to go ..

So who is going and where are you staying at ? ..

there is 3 of them coming up

THE EXPERIENCEâ„¢ Convention & Trade Show - September 4-7, 2013 ....Vegas

ICE EXPO Jan 30th and 31st ... Vegas

THE EXPERIENCEâ„¢ Conference & Exhibition - April 24-26, 2014.... Dallas/Frisco, Texas

James Cooper

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Jun 22, 2008
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James Cooper
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I am trying to work it out to go to Vegas in Sept , but who knows seems like it could be a great alternative and at a slow time of the year , which would be great for me . I havent always seen eye to eye with John LaBarbara , but when he gets involved with something he goes all out.

Bob Foster 1

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As much as some people are tripping over themselves to call this a Mytee event it definitely isn't.

John and Les Jones were the people who originally envisioned the event. Also there are several people who have volunteered their services in the spirit of ICE becoming a premier event. I've chose to volunteer because I believe this event will be very good for our industry.

Manufacturers from all areas of the industry are attending. Cheap rooms, cheap flights and at a time of the year that is easier for most of us to get away. The newer facility it is being held in is quite nice.


Dec 9, 2009
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I dont think I will make it this year(maybe the one in January)......and you guys keep an eye on Coop,after 2 of those 4% beers,he starts getting googley for them street people:p