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rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
Real Name
Robert Allen,Jr.
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United States
Hi I’m Rob Allen from Chesapeake Va. I am passionate and driven. I have a crazy sense of humor. Love golf, going to beach, bike riding with wife, working in my yard,and love alternative music like Seether, Shinedown and Thrice.

Started cleaning at 20 w/vacuum shop. Lost that job. Went door/door offering spotters & fix vacuums. Lady asked me to clean her carpets, from there built 5 truck operation. Sold it in 1993.

Restarted 2 years later to 5 trucks again. Then the internet hit. Started Truckmountforums, morphed into FB group, chemical line, local dist, online school, online store and TMF YouTube channel.


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Nov 4, 2020
Real Name
Matthew Olive
I'm Todd, I've been in the cleaning business for 23 years now. I started off as an office assistant answering phones at Coit then moved in to cleaning drapery. A couple years later I moved to being a carpet tech where I worked for the next 15 years. 6 years ago I left and started my own business.

I enjoy building and working on things, especially truckmounts. I purchased both my truckmounts as broken down machines that I stripped down and completely re-designed and re-built. The rest of the time I'm not working on the business I spend with my family. One thing I've really enjoyed owning my own business is the fact I can schedule time off to spend with my family.
I need advice on drapery..