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May 9, 2021
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Derek Stutz
2010 White Magic Commander High Output machine. This unit has approximately 2500 hours on it, and is located for local pick up in Bedford, IN. The machine is in good running order, and is ready for work. It is sitting on a pallet in our shop. On the day of pick up, we will have to rent a forklift, and can load it into the side of your van, truck or trailer. This will cost me $350 and is included in the sale. Check out this nice video we made of the machine. You will need to copy and paste it into your browser
A bit of info about the unit: Things that don't work just right---- It has around 2500 hours. The hour meter went out around 1700 hours, and was replaced. It has 792 hours on the meter. The machine does not re-charge it's own battery. It has been like this a long time, and our local Interlink dealer would not mess with it. We replaced the stator, and checked for loose wires everywhere. So, we have an Optima gel cell battery for the machine, and it charges from the van while the van is driving. You will need to run a power wire from the van battery to the machine battery along with an isolator (included). We have run it this way for years and it works flawlessly. The chemical meter works fine, but if it loses prime, it takes a couple hours of running for it to prime back up it seems. Not sure if the temperature guage works or not. I ran the machine through a heat cycle in the shop, and didn't notice the guage move. The machine heats just fine though.

The machine has been maintained well. All 3 oils changed at proper intervals. It has 4 belts inside that were replaced a few hundred hours ago. Everything else works as it should. It fires up well, runs well, heats, pumps, and vacuums well. The machine has a 70 gallon underbelly tank which is really nice, and a 100 gallon waste tank which is awesome.

If you know anything about truck mounts, you know White Magic is no longer in business. Everything on this machine is serviceable for the most part except the heat exchangers. If one of those ever leaks or ruptures, the machine is done. Yes the machine is older, but it is still a very nice machine, It is liquid cooled, with a 30hp Kohler engine, Roots blower, and CAT pump.

The sale will include everything in the picture: the machine, a standard 12" scrub wand, 100' of older solution hose, 100' of older vacuum line. I would recommend buying new solution line before running inside someone's home. This hose doesn't have any leaks right now, but I would definitely not make this the 100' that goes inside somewhere.

We have a brief video of the machine on Youtube you can see.


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