Which vacuum cleaner is better, one with bag or a bagless one?


Sep 9, 2010
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Adam King
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United States
I run a Royal Commercial, and have been given 2 in the last 11 years! The last one I got couldn’t have been used more than a dozen times! Bag came off the pipe and was full of dirt when I got it! Probably sat in a closet for 20 years! Love it!


Apr 23, 2018
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Michael Stevens
All my housekeepers have sharks. But shark is a brand, not just one vacuum. I’ve learned to buy the correct ones for the application. We beat the tar out of them and they are simply incredible. After using many expensive brands sharks what I settled on. The shark duos are amazing for my line of work since we go from carpet to hardwood a lot.


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Dec 10, 2017
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Erich Allred
I bought it brand new at Cleansource in Charlotte, NC. Amy (Mama Fen here) can ship it to you, it's two 2" sections that firmly slide together exactly the same fit and finish as wand pipe and only requires a $5 fitting to connect to the Turbocat. The Turbocat is bullet proof if you don't over rev it. ~$80 before shipping

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This is the rubber fitting needed.
how much is too much for the turbo cat. I run a series/ parallel setup with 6.6 up front and two smaller motors pulling. Can the turbo cat handle the 6.6 in parallel or do I need to plug one of the stacks and run just one 6.6? I will be running the turbo cat with at least 100 feet of hose all the time.