which make and model box truck is most reliable and comfortable to drive?

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Oct 18, 2008
Wilmington, DE
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United States
Hey guys.

I'm looking around for a used box truck and pretty much like the Isuzu's.
Since it's my first time buying a box, I'm on the lookout for something with power locks and windows and perhaps crusie control. I'm open minded to anything worth snatching.

Can you guys with box experience give some general guild lines as gas mileage, dependability, low maintenance, etc.
Looking for something in the 14' range.


Jim Martin

Well-Known Member
Jun 5, 2008
Tucson Arizona
chevy W4500...power everything...windows..locks...auto roll down on the drivers side..cruse control....everything you will ever need...
very powerful truck..you can put it on the interstate and put it in the passing lane with no problems...very smooth ride...GVW of 14,500..you can't over load it..the thing is built to haul...as far as the box on it I have no clue as to who made it..but it is the best one I have ever seen..re-enforced...very air tight and durable...we have a lot of steep hills around here and it is rare that I have to drop it down a gear to be able to climb...

Gas mileage is not to bad....I get 15 to 16...But that includes running my TM.....

you can set the thing next to an Isuzu and not really tell them apart....what the main difference is I really do not know..
Sep 11, 2011
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Jose Munoz
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United States
The GM and Isuzu are basically the same since GM is a shareholder of Isuzu. You will probably have a better time finding parts for the chevy than the Isuzu even though they are the same... try telling that to the parts guy... We have 3 npr's and we love them. You really can't go wrong with the style that Jim has. Great towing, space and you can still stand up inside! Not to mention not having to cut tree limbs down with your box!
Nov 20, 2008
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Eric Jenkins
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United States
So what is up with no one buying used Uhaul's etc... You can get them dirt cheap. I see 14' with the ramps for like $4,000. Granted, they have 200 k miles on them but still. Anything else I see is like $15k + for the isuzu's with 100 K + miles.

Any reason not to get a used Uhaul????
Jul 19, 2009
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Jack Mehoff (matt)
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United States
Might wanna checkout a Chevy Express with a spartan box... not as high as some box vans which is nice.
I have 111K on my chevy express with 10' spartan box that is narrow and no problems. Also parts are less than cab over type vehicles. They also have smaller one like 12' and 10' and they have 12' and 10' in smaller width as well.

I will be getting the 14' wide one for my next ride.

14' box on the spartan and the wider one:
2.jpg 5.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg

Might wanna download the pdf file under literature.

There also tons of other vehicles and boxes on the site so check it out