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Where do you get the majority of your work from?


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Mar 18, 2019
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I've currently started this business.

We've got a team set up with some good equipment, I've been trying to rank my site via Google but it's not the easiest.

Where do you guys get your work, any information would be more than appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Sep 1, 2009
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I got a TON of work from a local Mom and Pop carpet store. i also get a lot of work from Realtors. Nothing beats cleaning a vacant house before someone moves in.

If residential is your thing, then those are the two *go to* sources.


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Aug 24, 2019
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For me it's all word of mouth. I'm the only guy at my workplace who actually has any idea what he's doing with carpets (MIT primary company) so I just throw up stuff on my social media and implore my customers to reccomend me to friends. Out of every job I've done, only 2 cane from a call, 1 of which was a woman trying to use a coupon from a seperate service master chain (still cleaned her carpets regardless)

Its all about networking in my eyes. I only get to do carpets once every other week these past few months but I've gotten it up to about 2 a week just by doing a good job
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Apr 9, 2014
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You can do it faster with ad spend... or slower and more sustained with word of mouth.

either way after a certain number of years unless you do absolutely horrible work every owner operator will reach capacity from word of mouth, very typical in carpet cleaning for that to happen around 10-15yrs in.

After 15yrs with 1 truck owner operated if they arent slammed busy from just repeats/referrals then they have a serious problem they probably dont want to admit or they exist in a really small town market

so you may hear from some who say they dont advertise at all but likely they are over 10yrs in business

The trick is to get there in less years, with higher than average pricing and cherry pick the better jobs.

I would reinvest a lot in the first 5 years if you can afford to do so... right now google (although we shut it off this entire busy season) is our best return.

Focus on branding, nice uniforms, nice clean equipment, flyers and handouts to give the customer after each and every job. Just dont be the T shirt and jeans guy and youll be good.