when to replace pressure hoses

Jim Davisson

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Aug 23, 2016
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so parker hose wont burst or at least wont give black death????
I'm sure it does, but mine never seen service over 205° or 600 psi in all that time, the fittings had about rusted away under the sleeves when I removed it. I ran dual live solution reels for a long time with just a ball valve to activate the second reel. Running dual live reels when not needed I found pretty quick the unused reel soaked up a good bit of pump power unnecessarily and also was taking shock all the time like a pulse hose.

Mike Jones

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Jun 8, 2011
I buy a new 100 foot lead hose every year and then I take the old 100 footer and have it cut into two 50’s. I rotate them through the hose reel so that the oldest is the last hose I’d use. As I rotate the hoses through I toss the oldest ones each year. By the time I toss the hose it’s been on my hose reel for 3 years.
I like that plan. That keeps the older hose out of the premises at least, while not discarding hose prematurely.