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When to not go VLM

Ed Cruz

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Aug 1, 2013
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Ed Cruz
Did an big upholstery job for a commercial client last week but forgot one piece after I'd wrapped up. Sprayed Encap and bonneted with microfiber bonnet on hand orbital.
Shocked at how good it came out
In my opinion cleaning upholstery is where bonnet cleaning really shines. You can actually get a true deep clean given how thin fabric is.
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Aug 29, 2018
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Chris Westerman
Yes you can. And yes it does magically "transfer" to the cotton bonnets. But is it the goto method for every situation? No its not. I wouldn't shit on any one method. As the more methods in your back pocket to get a job done the better. But once you start relaying your idea of what method is superior to the other to your customers. There's no turning back. View attachment 91765View attachment 91766View attachment 91767
Perfect example of diversity!! BTW the reason I originally posted this thread was for a job I completed last night, I actually hit it with HWE first because there was so much build up from parking lot oils, traffic slam rinsed with all fiber deep clean. Followed up with my 175 bonnets and white pads which came out brown. Sooooo yea some jobs take more than one kind of cleaning methodology
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