when they say electric truckmount are they talking about portables????????

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Jul 14, 2008
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Or for an electric that is more powerfull than a Bane check out- http://www.nordic1.com/

I have an electric truckmount and I'm very happy. 500 psi and water so hot I have to turn down the heat.

Much less cost to go electric and in the winter or rainy weather you can park in the client's garage.

If you are moderately handy you can build your own for less than 4K

All you need is a litttle giant heater, a freshwater tank, a waste tank, pumpetc pump, a couple of high performance vacs, and a few hoses.


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Dec 11, 2009
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When I make my next move for a porty...it will be the Recoil or the Titan X3. First because they are the most powerful out there...and 2nd because a guy I work with doesn't believe that a porty running from a van can rival a TM...I'm gonna show him.

I already out clean him with my M5 EVERY TIME but he's a "speed" guy and I constantly tell him QUANTITY will never beat out QUALITY...you gotta have both.

Anyhow...I'm gonna make a believer out of him...my plan includes a van equipped with a 3HT, a 8k watt gen, a water tank and a waste tank, and one of the two portables. mentioned above!