What's your take on rinses?


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Nov 4, 2020
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Matthew Olive
Same here. Most homes without wells round here have water on the softer side..... I don’t use a softener though......my go to for most jobs are encap presprays so a rinse is not recommended anyways. You think jobs are easier to re clean without a rinse, try re cleaning after you used an encap previously..... even if it’s pretty dirty you won’t need to up the amount of prespray you use.....
I really like using Encap Green from Vacaway as my main prespray. Smells great and cleans great especially boosted with an oxidizer. It's plant based, neutral pH at 4 oz per gallon. It's foamy but that's never really been a problem. I like knowing that it is safe to leave in the carpet in case it does not get all the way rinsed out. It is made to work well on olefin fibers as well as wool and cotton. I still use a diluted acid rinse through my TM, but considering just skipping it.