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What's your Sewage Remediation Protocol?

Jul 18, 2019
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Bradford Hall
I'm interested in knowing what other companies do to mitigate sewage. I had a covered sewer line back up from the main at multiple locations and treated similar to mold.

- 3rd party Pack out of affected areas.
- Had customers relocate since both restrooms and three bedrooms were affected.
- Turned off-air handlers, set containment, and had plastic runners for traveling over unaffected areas.
- Removed affected materials down to framing and slab.
- Removed affected materials - clearing by 2' other than ceramic tile the carrier refused to pay for or even have the tile inspected (Travelers)
- Detail cleaned: Hepa vacuumed all surfaces under containment.
- Applied a hydrogen peroxide product to exposed slab and framing. WIpe down and repeated until foaming stopped.
- Then detail cleaned with shockwave disinfectant.
- Dried
- Then 1 final wipe down before removing containments.
- Carrier did not cover post-clearance testing.

I'm being informed that no cleaning was necessary and I treated the sewage as I would for mold and asbestos. I know cleaning was necessary but wanted to learn how other companies go about doing it. I also invoice for HMR labor (Hazardous labor rate), but carrier insists sewage is not hazardous. I never had a problem with this, but Travelers is awful in my experience.

Thanks for your feedback,

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Nov 6, 2010
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Spencer Dawdy
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United States
Sewage isnt hazardous? WTF!!!! Id have had a really hard time not laughing in the adjusters face right before i told him he was a fudgeing uneducated idiot if he told me sewage isnt hazardous. Tell him youll take hazardous charges off if hes willing to drink a dixie cup of it make sure theres some floaters in it. Lol
You did it right man, tell the adjuster its hazardous material period, it was remediated per standard. Ask him to show you documentation that his way is correct and not retarded half ass shit that would put your clients health at risk. Ask to speak to his suppervisor or someone within their company that has more education or experience with standard remediation practice Let him know that if he doesnt want to pay the bill thats fine youll bill the homeowner (since their the actual client) and the homeowner will be advised of the health risks the insurance company wanted you to subject them to, and that they should prob speak to their attorney, and possibly file a formal complaint against them with the state insurance commissioner.
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pacific flood

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Oct 23, 2019
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madhuri shree
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