What's your most profitable service?

Jeff Maietta

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Aug 15, 2012
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Geoff Maieta
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Rob, I didn't know, I do pest control also, do you have a special Forum for pest control? Please make one? Great and very interesting business.

I don't see anyone here post something ever about pest control , probably only a few here do it, in my opinion it's one of the most profitable business not only of our type of industry but of all type of legal business, probably the profit margins are bigger than food or beverage margins in a restaurant, famous for been very profitable.

We have between 900 or 1,200 % profit margins on pest control, after all all all the expenses been paid.

Only El Chapo Guzman could beat those margins!!!

Do a special forum Rob, please, please, thanks!
Sounds like you could do a special forum!

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Dec 2, 2019
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Window Cleaning Dublin
Duct cleaning is one of the most profitable business ever. A customer is likely to pay crazy money for a duct cleaning after a failed inspection.

Floor polishing is also a great business