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Oct 1, 2009
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John Klucznik
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I just don't think I would be comfortable using it on a job where we have lots of customers walking around.
Thanks for the continued loyalty and great feedback. I have a customer, The Manor at Yorktown with many fussy wealthy people. Worse then any other account I have ever serviced in 32 years. That said, when I clean their occupied apartments I like to use Rocket but I cut it 50 50 with Surround Free. This allows me to still apply some peroxide and it leaves a much softer scent. In the end its all about the customer. We have to give them not only great cleaning results but an excellent overall experience.
Dec 11, 2012
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Sean Collins
That's great info.

But my goal in this thread was to find products that have already been tried and tested by other pros. To hopefully save time and money...
I would suggest toms approach with a top three or maybe top five because no other cleaner will use the exact same standards as you

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