What to do with the disposable towel after cleaning a toilet?


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Jun 28, 2017
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doug frenz
I can't believe I'm finally asking this after having this client for two decades, but their system is getting clogged up with our "disposable" roll brown towels and C-folds. Our people have always scrubbed the toilet, then wiped it, then flushed the wipe. I know this is not industry standard. I don't think "flushable" wipes work well.

There are many consecutive stalls and we work around people all day long so dragging a barrel behind us is not an option. Neither is walking the soiled towel up to the front of the bathroom where the janitorial cart is. Also, we don't want to use a terry towel and wash that towel. There has to be something. Our folks don't want to wear a bag on them (which was my solution)...We've always come up with creative solutions for problems, so now we are expected to do the same. Any ideas? Thanks ahead of time.


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Mar 31, 2016
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Dale MacDonald
All our contracts use microfibre cloths. I couldn’t imagine doing what your doing. We go though minimum of 200 cloths every second day. It’s easy to take Them back to the shop and wash and dry them. Saves a fortune!