What Spotter Portable is Better for Heavy Automotive Grime?


Jan 30, 2010
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Hi guys,

I have a quick question, I'm not in the carpet cleaning business any more, I was, but not anymore and not going back either not that there's anything wrong with it just wasn't my thing after a while, I have a good job now at a good company so that's that for that, but I am in the market for an extractor to clean up my car and some company vehicles at work.

Our vehicles at work are heavy duty trucks mostly mine and they run constantly and get pretty dirty. I live in an area with a lot of car rotting road salt and that makes everything a huge mess.

I was leaning towards the Priority Manufacturing Portable with the 600 Wyatt Heater that Jon-Don has for $600+ dollars and some change, but it only has a 55psi pump. Granted with the proper chemicals and technique you can make up for that, but Mytee makes an auto portable that has a 120PSI pump and I'm wondering for dirty cars and trucks if the higher horsepower pump will serve me better. As I know 55 PSI is a little light were not cleaning delicate stuff here.

Anyone ever use the Mytee Lite 8070 what do you think? Personally I like the size and ease of transport of the Priority Manufacturing Spotter, but I hate to spend a lot of money had have the devise not be enough for $270.00 more it might be worth going with the higher horsepower Mytee.


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Dec 3, 2012
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Maybe sandia 6 gal. Single 3 stage vac. Thats what ide use. Its what im planning to get for use as a spotting machine. Those lil spotter machines? Nah. Single 2 stage vac, tiny 50 psi pump. Not very good at all.