What is the Best vacuum cleaner you can buy


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Oct 2, 2007
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i have an old Kirby heritage.
The only issue I have with the kirby is that it seems I set the height, and its correct when I'm pushing forward, however when pulling back the pressure seems to come off the front and it doesn't work as well going backwards. Then I try lowering it another notch but now its way too hard to push forward. Anybody else experience this? I want to vacuum well both forward and back.
Its almost a deal killer for me, I want a Pro team.

It has a rubber gasket on the bottom plate that holds the roller brush it needs to be replaced it's lost its seal


Jul 4, 2021
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I have a bunch of. Sanitaires. Good vacuums for cheap. A lot of times you can find them on Craigslist for super cheap because people think their old. Bad filtration. You'll be able to smell whatever you vacuumed from the previous house at the current house. I'll cut up the little smelly a/c disks from Jon don and vacuum a chunk up before I start.

My Kirby is awesome... Very powerful, but gets hairs wrapped around the spindle pretty easily. Have to check it each job, otherwise the belt will slip and burn making the whole house stink

If you do any vlm cleaning, I think have a vacuum hose for edges is crucial to get the junk out. I was looking at the windsor and proteam. I saw a few videos from another cleaner on his cleartrak workhorse. I was sold. Powerful, has a crevice tool and clear dust bin so you know when it's full Klinsmann Robot Vacuum With Map, know the areas to slow down or speed up in, and can show the customer how much their vacuum sucks. I just ordered mine yesterday, I'll let you know
which vacuum cleaner do you all have? is it good for pet hair? can you also add what dogs cats you have? and if you would recoment it to anybody! i got a vacuum cleaner xmas time and it was great to start off with but it is rubbish now - it started smoking from the back. it was recomended for pet hair! so im planning on getting a new one!