What is my setup worth, probably gonna sell

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Just curious as to what you guys think it’s worth. I bought this back in the spring thinking my son and I would try this on weekends but he has shown little to no interest. I used it on my own carpet and I realized that with back issues it’s not for me. I got to hand it to you guys that do this everyday!
2005 Chevy express 3500, 4.8 liter, 114,600 miles, long WB, runs good, new battery good tires, will have a new windshield installed. Overall in decent shape, not perfect by any means. Has a few small dents and scrapes add one larger dent .Usual wear and tear .Hydramaster 4.8 cds 2009 hrs, salsa unit, 1 -4 nozzle carpet wand, 1 -2 nozzle stair wand, 1 pressure sprayer, 4 corner guards, 120 gal ( I think) fresh water tank, electric hose reel, and everything else in the van.
Probably missing a bunch of info but I’m not sure on everything. 4CAC0699-AC06-496D-BB90-E25A2B049232.jpegF3DC4B89-FA98-4CCF-A652-8915D5E8E0D1.jpeg88BCF1C6-2481-4C1B-8F66-0C5309EF2B35.jpeg0961ADEF-145F-4D31-B292-0922992BB25A.jpeg5FFC430D-C850-4048-89A4-5EF3227360C0.jpeg2F85A7A7-0BAA-473A-A775-A019337E42FD.jpegC337064E-0158-45DD-AEF8-03819430F22D.jpegE2EF1CF8-ADEF-4A08-835A-4FB89F6A6583.jpegBED99C77-56CD-4451-9CFB-0C18ED0A6A34.jpegFC6091A0-9459-4D53-9938-BFD1E735B262.jpeg4048B817-3334-4D3A-A200-AD02C6CA0FEE.jpeg2D80D0B4-C08B-42F8-9E67-1E542A464536.jpegE2E51016-4A61-4A96-AC1B-C155867B160D.jpegB67CC24E-7F5D-47B0-88F3-2EC77916570C.jpeg


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I'd say even less than that. 8k probably being the max. Those CDS with high mileage and hours impossible to tell how well it was taken care of. I've seen guys buy those units and then have to suddenly sink 5k into it for repairs.
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