FB What is everyone's thought on Blue Line Blue...

What is everyone's thought on Blue Line Blue Wave thermal something another truck mounts I believe it's got a 4 cylinder Nissan engine I found it with less than 1000 hours it has all the extra tanks and stuff I remember someone on here saying that they were a really good unit as long as you did a few things something to do with the ECU what's everyone's thoughts on this I can get a steal on this unit

Jacob Brown

We have one of the 1st ones off the line and it has treated us very well. We are just over 200 hrs away from putting 9,000 hrs on it. The only problems we have had so far 1) some had put to small of battery on it and 2) been having difficulty with the mix tank float and water pump from freshwater tank. Otherwise thus has been an amazing machine compared to our last few truckmounts.

Rich Troia

i have a blueline bluewave, the smaller version of the thermalwave. great machines, built very well. my cpu is moved away from stock position to help ensure it does not get heat fried
Mine is a thermalwave 2....it has been a good machine with very few problems...you will need to move the computer..if I remember correct..the Nissan engine has a shorter wire harness and you have to order a extension ..(?)...you dont have to get it to far away..just out of the engine cavity and away from any where there is a lot of heat generated...I put mine right behind the filter box..and it has been fine for years...if taken care of you can put a lot of hours on one of these machines..I run mine hard..it will sit in this desert heat and sometimes run for 6 to 8 hours..and it just keeps going.....