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Apr 29, 2016
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I use a Rotovac Enduro 2500H, heated dual stage with a 360i. Bought one of the Rotovac start-up packages before I started reading through here. Always under the impression more is better, I've never tried it without using the heaters. Saturday I went to a trailer that was the most disgusting carpet/place I've ever seen. I gagged the whole time while pre vacuuming. They had a little dog that never pooped outside. I didn't smell urine, so maybe it peed outside. The poor lady's parents were very old had virtually given up on life, and she wanted to clean their place while they were gone. Carpet was the original carpet that came in the trailer in 1973, looked like it was quality carpet back then. Power was sketchy in the trailer and the water was really hot, so I tried it without the heater cord plugged in. Been using pro10k with groutmaster previously with ok results. I just received an order from TMF Store, I mixed pro10k, groutmaster, pure 02 and 4oz of PetOut in the hydroforce . I don't know if using PetOut like that had any benefit in the prespray, but I knew it wasn't going to hurt. I didn't have much hope from the start. Carpets came out amazing. I've struggled in the past with traffic areas, they came out awesome. I noticed I had a ton more suction not using the heaters. So what made the difference? The extra suction? The o2? It was the first time I've boosted with o2. Hopefully tomorrow I'm buying my first truck mount and will use this as a back up. Starting to wish I had bought the dual 3-stage with no heat instead. In situations where I don't have hot water, I do have bucket heaters. How hot of water can these pumps handle?

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Nov 12, 2008
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Hard to answer all of that, but I can get some of it. :) First, heat is definitely sometimes crucial, but often just nice to have imho. Many carpets will clean up fine with just hot tap water. I've even had to clean with cold water on a few instances and still got great results. Thing is there are many variables such as type of fiber, condition of fibers, type and extent of soiling, etc. Sometimes more heat is crucial or at least it will make a very hard job a whole lot easier, while other times it really doesn't make much difference.

You should read the recent thread on boosters. There is some interesting and informative stuff in there, particularly on O2 boosting. Sounds like you may have over done it a bit. I am almost certain Groutmaster already has some O2 in it. I remember one time I made the mistake of adding Pure O2 to some Tile Master mixed with very hot water and I got an eruption! I never did that again! My guess is you were cleaning an old nylon carpet. Nothing easier to clean than a good quality nylon.

I've never heard of the thing with your vacuum being stronger because you didn't use your heater. Only way I can see that happening is if at least one vacuum motor was on the same circuit. Sounds like you either need to be certain you hook to 20 amp circuits or get some kind of special circuit box like Mytee makes. The vacuum should not bog down just because you're running a heater. There are several guys on here that know far more about these machines than I do so perhaps they can give some advice.

I also noticed you were using a 360i with your machine. Sounds like you would need to be on 3 separate circuits to run that machine with the heater on. That is not always easy to do. If you had your heater on and got the 360i on the same circuit I can very well see how your vac motors would barely run.
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