FB What form of advertisement have worked best for you ?

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Dave Yoakum

That's easy. I just set up an other one today. Im now on the computers of 135 more employees and it only took a 15 minute meeting with the hr director. This will market to their Employees Forever ! http://referralmarketingmadeeasy.com/www

John Salvadori

Yelp and local 411 I pay 350 to Yelp and 150 to local 411. 1st year in business as a owner operated 187k and I'm very active on all social media platforms. Over 97 5 star Yelp reviews 1st year. Booked 7 new customers today from Yelp as we have the highest ranking in our city! John's Carpet & Upholstery Care https://yelp.to/qTKq/FywlGCAofK