FB What do you use, a Truckmount or a Portable?

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Robert Allen

What do you use, a Truckmount or a Portable?

Micheal Villones

Portable for highrise and 3 Truckmounts

David Blyth

I have nothing but respect for the full time portable guys.

Annabelle LaPham

I run a Judson truckmount and have two portables. However I would not say the Portables are a backup. Different tools for different jobs. I have a self-contained walk behind that I basically only use in a couple furniture stores that I do every month. I have a tag along that I used to go up the elevator or behind locked doors.

Matt Williamson

Truckmount way to go. Where were based their isn't many high rise but generally if there are it's all stairs and parking is shocking. That's how I started out was only able to do 3 jobs a day as start up and shut down take longer than the actual job. In city porty all day long In 7 years haven't knocked back many jobs. Each to their own

Wayne Lacey

Watch they will be selling stuff after this pole ......

Rick J

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Jan 12, 2010
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rick jones
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United States
are you ignoring the VLM only guys!!!!!!!:eek::eek: ;);) lol jking