What do you do when you get a carpet that you keep getting dirt out of?

Bill Whatcott

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Mar 24, 2014
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Bill Whatcottr
Would a rotary really make a difference? I never used one. I used my entire butler fresh water tank just cleaning 2500 sq ft of this carpet
Yes!!!!! I strongly recommend Rotovac 360i or if you want to spend a little more the larger Rotovac 360 xl. I bought the smaller one as it is more handy for my house calls, but the larger one would likely do a job like yours a little faster.

Ed Valentine

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Oct 8, 2008
Michigan, USA
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Ed Valentine
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Oxifresh recommendation using a Rotary is correct, IMHO. Then follow up with a rinse. Futher, with the blue colored carpeting such as that one, the "traffic pattern" may never look, Clean, because it has been discolored by oils tracked in on the bottom of their work shoes.