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M'Kala Jill Whitson

What biz do you use for processing credit cards? We are small small and rarely does anyone ask but want to explore our options. Rates if u don't mind sharing.

BJ Bower

Pocketsuite. Their is no rates. They charge the client 3% and you get your whole amount. The payment and scheduling system is only $10 per month which also allows for a booking widget on your website.

Philip Wallman

Housecall Pro - the free version for o/o works great for cards and scheduling. TMF can give you a lifetime discount code if you decide to pay for features

Jeremy Marquardt

I started with square. It was ok. Groupon breadcrumb payments is cheaper. Now using housecall pro and it's the best of all 3

Denise Spurlock

Jill I used Acumen in Wichita - it's owned by Diane Wynn and she's truly a local company taking care of you. I rarely have issues, but they're on it when I need something & I've compared rates to many others and find it's right in line. Acumen is https://acumenprocessing.com/ Hope that helps!

Rob Allen III

Use www.tryhousecall.com/tmf - (HouseCall Pro) seriously you can use it to manage your ENTIRE business, we use this in our company and they even have an owner operator account! Schedule a free demo with Roland Ligtenberg Katie Scott

Dave Sherman

Square I pay 2.75 per swipe no monthly fees. Most clients end up tipping 5 to 10% so I actually make more money and pay nothing per swipe.

Roland Ligtenberg

You should use whatever is automatically connected to your CRM so you can put the CC on file, it auto consolidates with your QBO/accounting package, keeps track of it so you can get it as a tax write off..... like HCP :)