FB What are you guys using for dry clean...


Michael Camacho

Label means very little. Only concern for a white cotton is browning so use a reducer... If it's a cotton Jacquard, yer only worried about fugitive dyes so you clean with an acid. If it's a cotton velveteen, the nap needs special brushing... I'd only walk if it's a cotton velveteen but you can wet clean most cottons with enough knowledge about chemistry

Scott Warrington

The tag instructions are really for the owner not the professional cleaner. Even more are just plain wrong. A good upholstery cleaner with the right products and a low moisture tool can HWE clean 90+% of everything marked as dry clean only. Use Avenge Fabric Prespray or another product intended for natural fibers. Use an upholstery tool that leaves the fabric rather dry (I like the Sapphire Scientific and the Hydro-Kinetic tools). Do some dry strokes. Use an air mover across the fabric after cleaning.