FB We my son just got off phone with our friend...


Brandy Burriesci

I saw this morning as well that he has been evacuated out of Iraq for his safety. Praying for him. Honestly when I saw it I was blown away by the simple and powerful statement he made. God Bless him and keep him safe.

Kevin Volk

He has a point, but if you ask them to look at it from your point you should do the same. How did it get to this point? If another country invaded the US and set up prison camps and killed members of your family, would they be safe in any town US? They are people just like us, in a much different situation.

Chuck White

Ask yourself Kevin, if that were "your son" over there making that message, would you feel the same way? I'm not saying I feel this way, but what if we didn't try to help them in the first place?