FB We my son just got off phone with our friend...


Robert Allen

We my son just got off phone with our friend Steven Gern who we are helping set up a carpet cleaning business. Last week he posted this video and now had to leave Iraq right away. I won't say why. Just look at his videos and see for yourself. He is posting his video's also on Youtube because his FB page has been restricted. Odd. Here is the video that became so controversial with over 42 million views so far but he makes good sense to me. What do you think? He reads our page so please, lets show him some support and share this video!!

Lawrence Kruse

I don't disagree with him, but if Trump's intention was to ban people from country's that want to do us harm, why did he not ban Saudia Arabia and Pakistan? The two countries with more American blood on their hands than any of the ones he banned? The two responsible for 9/11. Could it have anything to do with Trump's business interests or oil?

Paul Schmadeke

Good luck to you Steven Gern. I watched your video a couple of days ago. I thought it was pretty cool to find out that you are friends with Robert and hope to be in our industry. Thank you for your service