Wax on ceramic tile?


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Mar 11, 2019
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Mark Herr
Good evening fellow cleaners. So I was on a tile and grout cleaned/seal job. I sprayed some viper venom on a 5x5 area and let it sit for 5 minutes. I used an SX12 with an acid rinse to clean. The tile looked like this after. It was throwing me for a serious loop. I could not figure it out. This adhesive like, gummy residue was covering the tile. I called my supplier and talked to a tile guy there. He seems to think that someone put down a hard floor mop-on wax.
Have any of you seen this before? What did you do to rectify?
My plan is to test a small spot with a floor stripper and as long as there’s no issues, strip it and then rinse and seal the grout. I’m hoping one of you has come across this before and provide some guidance here. Thanks.


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Mar 31, 2016
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Dale MacDonald
Without doubt it’s floor finish. I’d lay down a heavy coat of stripper and water and make dwell time your friend. Keep it wet (not damp) for a good 30 minutes. And keep the stripper moving. I’d the. Scrub it with a swing machine and a stripping brush. It may take several times of doing this to fully get it out of the grout. Don’t do to large of an area approximately 12’ x 12’. As soon as it’s scrubbed pick it up with a wet dry vac. I personally won’t use my truck mount. And rinse it. Don’t cheap out on the stripper. Get one of the best they make. It’ll save you a lot of work. The grout is going to be a little harder to get it off. But it will come. Good luck


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Sep 17, 2009
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I had this happen to me too, but I was fortunate that the person you applied the was sealer did not apply it correctly or improperly preped the surface.

as I cleaned it popped right off. In other words it washed off in flakes.