Water marks on Sisal area rug


Jun 25, 2018
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Nick Brereton
Picked up this sisal area rug from a water damage that happened in a mechanical room. Something from the air conditioning was leaking and it got the rug. Already tried dry cleaning with a CRB. Any ideas?


Todd the Cleaner

Todd Cottino
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Sep 4, 2011
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Todd Cottino
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I had one from a water damage job a lot like you have there. Half had gotten wet and left a water mark. There was also some buckling.

To correct this you will need to wet the entire rug. I’d clean it with a wool safe product first, then I’d apply some acid rinse using a pump sprayer. Put fans on to speed dry it. I did end up evenly re-wetting the rug a couple with acid rinse times to get rid of the water mark.

If buckeling is an issue you may want to dry the rug upside down with some weight on it I had several wire racks I was able to lay on the rug and hold it flat while still allowing the rug to dry. The racks I used were similar to this:


Scott W

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Feb 14, 2006
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Todd is correct that buckling or rippling will be an issue. The binding around the edge will react differently to water than the sisal. If it was worth it, you could remove the binding and have it sewn back on after cleaning, but the rug is probably not worth that effort and cost.

Clean with a product safe for wool like Bridgepoint's Wool Perfect.
Acid side rinse, Wool Zone will work.
Dry upside down with air movement. Use some type of weight to hold the edges in place.
If needed, evenly dampen the rug with distilled water and dry evenly to remove the water marks. The marks form at the boundary between a wet and dry area. If it all dries evenly, there is no boundary.

If the rug were valuable enough and the job payed well, you can get a tea wash that is used for rugs. This is spray applied to give an even brown coloration.
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