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Water Hog = Watt / Amp Hog when used on generators

Jim Ellis

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Apr 1, 2013
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Tested 2 generators and multiple devices amp/watt draw as the generators where put under increased loads. Here's something interesting I found:

Air Hogs: - watt consumption drops about 10 watts when the generator is under about a 90% load - not unusual or a concern

Other vac motors - same

Water Hog: Water Hog power consumption (set at 400 psi for testing) spikes from 980 watts to 1780 watts (and stays at 1780) when the generator is loaded up to 90%. As the load increases (up to 90%) the water hog consumes more and more power (as each devices is turned on).

Amazing. Even at 75% load the Water Hog sucks about 300 extra watts then when the generator is under a 50% load.

Keep in mind that when a generator gets to about 90% load your wattage output will drop slightly - at 100% load it's all over the place and not recommended ever. However, the Water Hog going crazy sucking power is a concern and is a big negative obviously.