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Apr 24, 2020
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Damian Henderson
Hey guys what’s your opinion on the top 3 or 4 VLM machines for commercial and residential cleaning? Considering price and square footage...

rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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Robert Allen,Jr.
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United States
I have all types of VLM machines at my school and business location. I also run 5 trucks and been in business for almost 40 years. Have the first and only complete online school and own TMF. I have also had booths at all the trade shows. I also sell every type VLM machine made. Why is this important?

Because I am unbiased in my review and watching all my employees make choices when VLM situations arise. I own and have also tested each one in real cleaning situations against each other in multiple situations and soil levels including oily conditions. Key is using the right chemistry and process. Here are the top 5. (Just FTR a great tech can make any VLM work, but it takes more work)

1) Orbot Life-Oscillating pad machine
A dream battery driven and corded unit. Removable weights. Extremely versatile for all types surfaces. Precision momentary push button spray jets to adjust amount product on the fly. Folds up for easy transport. Extremely agile around cubicles and in tight spaces while still. Great for all residential and commercial settings including high rise condos and apartments. Wide variety of pads, bonnets and diverse service exchangeable heads. Removable 2 gallon tank holder to speed up refills and change products when needed. Fit, finish and welds are perfect providing a unique look. Best VLM machine ever made.

2) Orbot Sprayborg-Oscillating pad machine
Same as the Life machine above but corded and a bit lighter without battery. Still basically same great unit.

3) Orbot Vibe-Oscillating pad machine
Basically same as above machines but less features to make it more economical. Does not fold up for transport. 4 gallon tank is not removable. Not quite as attractive but still a super looking unit with a low price tag that does not sacrifice cleaning ability.

4) Cimex-Planetary pad
One trick pony super heavy unit that is difficult to transport, lasts a long time and performs best in open areas.

5) CRB-Counter rotating brush
Limited VLM capabilities but still some use it as a stand alone VLM for their business model and even franchises built using it soley.
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