VLM in 2022?


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May 17, 2022
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Charlie Duquette
I know this topic gets beat to death on here and on other forums and social media.

With proper chemistry and equipment, and technique, is VLM a viable residential option? I am not knocking HWE, whatsoever. I am looking into seriously starting up a business in a very high-money clientele location. While cost is something I am considering, I am able to save for a top-notch portable, or eventually a TM. I just do not want to drop 70-100k, for a turnkey system yet. I have been doing serious research, and am finding that the opinion seems to be evenly split on VLM versus HWE in 2022. Many people are having good results with strong VLM machines, and good chemistry.

What're your thoughts on this? I appreciate any input in advance. Thank you.